Race: Human; Class: Hexblade; Alignment: N; Deity: Tymora

Gender: male; Age: 30

Eyes: green; Hair: blonde; Skin: white

Place of birth: Cormyr

Place of residence: Suzail (Cormyr)

Family: Caladnei (master)

Jobs: Soldier

Languages: Common, Chondathan, Aglarondan

Weapons: (vorpal greatsword)

Tyrion was born and raised in a small village in Cormyr. He was the son of a farmer, but wanted to be an adventurer like the people he saw in the big city. In his early teens, he decided to tell his father he didn’t want to become a farmer (and also that he wasn’t that much into women). He got a helluva beating and was kicked out of home. He wandered for a while and eventually ran into Caladnei, who took him as her apprentice. When he became of age, he adopted the surname Wyld and, as Caladnei became the Cormyrean royal wizard, he started to work for the kingdom as a mercenary.